Neighborhood Organizations

Huntington’s Neighborhood Associations

Improving communities from the ground up

Whether it’s building a park or establishing a watch program, Huntington has a well-established network of neighborhood associations.

They were birthed in the early 1990s when the city received a $3 million Enterprise Zone grant, part of which was used as seed money to help form and offer leadership training for neighborhood associations.

Many of the groups that organized as a result of that effort still exist today. They also eventually created the Neighborhood Institute, a nonprofit organization intended to provide training and oversight for the neighborhood associations.

The Neighborhood Institute meets at 5:30 p.m. on the second Monday of each month in the Mayor's Conference Room at City Hall, 800 5th Ave. Membership primarily consists of a representative from each neighborhood association. For more information, contact Neighborhood Institute President Carole Boster at

The Neighborhood Institute also includes the following Ex-Officio members: 

  • City Council Representatives: Sarah Walling and Teresa Johnson
  • City Representatives: Breanna Shell and Patricia Usher
  • Corporate Representatives: Southside Preservation and Enhancement Alliance and Jim Rorrer

Click on the map to find the neighborhood association nearest you and click on the group links for contact and meeting information.

Map of Huntington's neighborhood associations

Neighborhood Institute Bylaws

Neighborhood Institute Policies & Procedures


Meeting Date: Meetings are activities-based and occur at various times during the year.

Meeting Time: Varies

Meeting Location: Varies

President: John Short

Objectives: Neighborhood security; fostering socialization among neighbors; acts as a liaison between neighbors and city officials.


Meeting Date: First Saturday of each month, except January

Meeting Time: 9 a.m.

Meeting Location: Enslow Park Presbyterian Church (Room 22), 1338 Enslow Blvd.

President: Cathy Porter

Objectives: To improve safety and communication among neighbors


Meeting Date: Second Thursday of every month

Meeting Time: 6 p.m.

Meeting Location: Guyandotte Methodist Church, 239 Main St.

President: Billy Wray

Objectives: The core mission of the Guyandotte Neighborhood Association is neighbors helping neighbors, whether that be mowing, weedeating, painting a porch or coming together to clean up streets. The Association believes that unless neighbors are willing to put in the work, they have no room to complain if nothing is being done about it.


Meetings: The organization will meet four times in 2023: Jan 5, March 2, June 1, and Oct. 5  

Meeting Time: 7 p.m.

Meeting Location: Huntington YMCA, Phillip Cline facility

2023 Events: Annual Picnic, July 7, at Ritter Park

PresidentAmy Prestera

Objectives: Promote a cleaner, safer and better community through group action and cooperation; Study and express opinions on matters of civic interest. Projects and/or areas of interest include: development of Miller School Park, cleaning up Fourpole Creek, neighbors helping neighbors, organizing a historic designation on the South Side.  Standing Committees include:  Hospitality, Safety and Security, Membership & Notification, Legislative, Public Relations, and Beautification. 


Meeting Date: No set meetings

President: Robert Grant, 304.638.0798

Objectives: The Stamford Park Homeowners Association is comprised of property owners within the subdivision located in the Southeast Hills area of Huntington. It strives to maintain and improve the value of all properties within the subdivision and the quality of life of the area's residents.


Meeting Date: Third Thursday of each month

Meeting Time: 7 p.m.

Meeting Location: RenewAll building at 725 14th. St. West

President: Jim Rumbaugh

Objectives: WHO is focused on neighbors working together to make the West End better. It also is an active participant in the River to Rail Project, a multi-pronged initiative to improve the West End through law enforcement, code enforcement, economic development, and community outreach.


Meeting Date: General business meetings on third Monday of March and September; neighborhood socials, general meetings in June and December

Meeting Time: 7 p.m.

Meeting Location: Enslow Park Presbyterian Church

President: Pat Gebhart, 304.412.1355

Objectives: To promote a cleaner, safer and better community through group action and cooperation. To study and express opinions on matters of civic and neighborhood interest.


Meeting Date: 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Meeting Location: Gallaher Village Public Library

President: Kim Williamson


Facebook: Gallaher Village Neighborhood Association

Objective: To become the neighborhood where everyone wants to live. We are striving to be a community that embraces its diversity and works together toward goals that benefit the residents of our little corner of Huntington.

Boundaries: Anything within a mile radius of Gallaher Village Public Library that is not already covered by an active neighborhood association


Meeting Date: First Tuesday of each month

Meeting Time: 7 p.m.

Meeting Location: Community of Grace United Methodist Church, 225 28th St.

President: Linda Blough, 304.730.0988

Objectives: To create a safe, clean and friendly environment for neighbors.

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Meeting Date: First Monday of each month

Meeting Time: 9 a.m.

Meeting Location: West Huntington Library, 901 14th St. West

President: Lauren Kemp


Meeting Date: Third Monday of each month

Meeting Time: 6:30 p.m.

Meeting Location: Westmoreland Woman's Club, 2962 Bradley Road

President: Cindy Chandler

Committees: Neighborhood Watch Committee, Fire Committee

Objectives:The Westmoreland Neighborhood Association provides information and services to benefit the Westmoreland area of Huntington. Speakers are invited to the monthly meetings to give insight into issues that are topical for the neighborhood and the city. Committees work on issues peculiar only to Westmoreland.

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