Home Occupation Permit

A Home Occupation Permit is required for any business operating in a residence. The business must be permitted according to Section 1341.22 of the City of Huntington Zoning Ordinance. All home occupations are required to register the business with both the State and obtain a Municipal Business License.


Home Occupation Packet (includes Instructions, Regulations for Home Occupations, Home Occupation Permit Application, and Business License Application)


1) Contact the Business Services Advocate, Sarah Bostic, who will assist you throughout the process and provide you with the Municipal Business License and Home Occupation applications.

  • Business Services Advocate: Sarah Bostic
  • Department: Finance
  • Phone: 304.696.5540 ext. 2339
  • Email: bostics@huntingtonwv.gov

2) Register your business with the state and complete the Municipal Business License and Home Occupation applications.

3) Submit the application Home Occupation application to the Planning and Zoning office to verify the proposed use will be compatible with the neighborhood and receive proof of approval.

  • Department: Planning and Zoning
  • Phone: (304) 696-5540, opt 3
  • Email: planningdept@huntingtonwv.gov
  • Location: City Hall, Main Floor, Room 100
  • Please refer to the City of Huntington code Section 1341.22 for the types of occupations that are permitted/prohibited as a home business (included for your convenience).
  • The cost of the Home Occupation permit is a yearly fee of $15

4)Submit the Municipal Business License application and proof of Home Occupation approval to the B&O and Licensing Specialist in the Finance office and pay the licensing fees.

  • Department: Finance
  • Phone: (304) 696-5540, opt 4
  • Email: finance@huntingtonwv.gov
  • Location: City Hall, Main Floor, Room 103
  • You must bring a copy of your WV Business Registration Certificate (other documents may be required).
  • You will be able to open for business once you have obtained a Municipal Business License

Note: Both your Home Occupation and Municipal Business License are renewed yearly on July 1