Property Transfer - Outstanding Fees, Taxes, and Charges

Effective October 1, 2009, all past fees, taxes, and charges owed to the City of Huntington must be paid prior to the transfer of property or collected at the sale by either, the closing agent, purchasing agent, closing attorney, or any individual responsible for the consummation of a real estate transaction and the disbursement of the proceeds of said transfer. The  Transfer of Real Property Closing Form must be submitted to the Finance Division - Revenue Section 24 hours prior to the date the transaction is scheduled to be closed. The form will be returned to the closing attorney or agent listing any past fees, taxes, and charges.

Any fees, taxes, and charges that remain due and owing after the date of the transfer of the real property shall be the responsibility of the new property owner as said fees, taxes, and charges shall assess against the real property. Additional information can be found in Article 773.13 - Reporting of Transfers of Real Property within City Limits, Payment of City Fees of the City of Huntington Codified Ordinances.