Certificate of Occupancy Permit


A Certificate of Occupancy is required before any new building can be occupied or before an existing building can be used for a new purpose.  This applies whenever a new business goes into an existing or new structure or there is a change of business owner.

1. Contact or meet with the Zoning Officer in the Planning and Zoning office to check zoning, discuss signage, and to complete the Certificate of Occupancy application.

2. Obtain and complete the City of Huntington Certificate of Occupancy Application.

3. Submit the application to the Permit Technician in the Inspections and Permits Division.

  • Location:  City Hall, Room 1

4. Pay for the Certificate of Occupancy in Business and Licensing.

  • Location:  City Hall, Main Floor, Room 20
  • The cost of the Certificate of Occupancy permit is $75.00. 

5. Contact the Permit Technician at 304.696.5540 ext. 2003 or kilgorem@huntingtonwv.gov to schedule Inspections.  The Inspectors will inspect the building in accordance to the 2015 International Building Code to determine if the structure meets the appropriate codes for the intended use. 

6. Upon completion of the inspections, a representative from Business and Licensing will contact you to pick up your Certificate of Occupancy. 

7. After you have received your Certificate of Occupancy, you may apply for your Municipal Business License. You will need to bring your WV Business Registration Certificate (other documents may be required).

8. You will be able to open for business once you have obtained a Municipal Business License.