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Fall paving to include 36 projects, 6.7 miles of roads

Fall paving in Huntington will begin in the near future with approximately $1.2 million in paving projects.

Paving occurs in the fall and spring in Huntington. City Council members solicit paving requests from constituents and submit their lists to the City of Huntington’s Public Works Department. The requests are reviewed with the West Virginia Division of Highways on a number of factors, including traffic volume and road conditions.

The paving list for this fall includes 36 individual paving projects totaling 6.72 miles. After fall paving is completed, the City of Huntington will have paved 58.51 miles of roads totaling $15,649,006 since 2014.

The fiscal year 2022 budget that City Council approved earlier this year includes $1.6 million for paving. The city’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.

Here are the paving projects that will be completed this fall:


City Council District 1

  • Vernon Street from Piedmont Road to the railroad crossing


City Council District 2

  • North side of 5th Avenue West from 9th Street West to 10th Street West
  • 11th Street West from Washington to Adams avenues
  • 5th Street West from 6th to Adams avenues
  • 5th Street West from 7th Avenue West to Jackson Avenue
  • Jackson Avenue from 14th Street West to 16th Street West
  • 19th Street West from Madison to Jackson avenues
  • 9th Street West from Jefferson to Adams avenues
  • Flora Court


City Council District 3

  • Commerce Avenue from 16th to 19th streets


City Council District 4

  • South Edgemont Road from Memorial Park Drive to Edgemont Road


City Council District 5

  • Artisan Avenue from Hal Greer Boulevard to 17th Street
  • Chesapeake Court
  • 19th Street from Hall Avenue to Rural Avenue


City Council District 6

  • Gallaher Street from Norway Avenue to Midvale Drive
  • Marne Drive from 76 Marne to cul-de-sac
  • Copper Glen Drive from 95 Copper Glen to cul-de-sac
  • Tynes Lane from Chestnut Drive to cul-de-sac
  • Brighton Way from Windsor Drive to Mayfair Way


City Council District 7

  • Lower Terrace from Forest Road to Locust Street
  • Rotary Road from Roby Road to Moreland Avenue
  • Davis Street from 28th Street to Oney Avenue
  • Roby Road from Maupin Road to 28th Street
  • Roby Road from 28th Street to St. Louis Avenue
  • Avondale Road from Washington Boulevard to Roby Road
  • 25th Street from 10th Avenue to Davis Street


City Council District 8

  • Maple Avenue from 18th to 20th streets
  • 21st Street from 5th to 6th avenues
  • 5 ½ Alley from 28th to 29th streets


City Council District 9

  • Everett Street from 601 to 699 Everett
  • Hagen Street from 506 to 516 Hagen
  • Depot Street from 304 to 307 Depot
  • Everett Road from South High Street to Moore Street
  • North Norwood Road from 805 to 830 North Norwood
  • Main Street from Hite Street to 730 Buffington Street
  • Moore Street from South High Street to end

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