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Amnesty period offered for penalties on delinquent fees

The City of Huntington’s annual amnesty period for waiving penalties that have accrued on delinquent municipal/fire protection and refuse fees will open Wednesday, May 1, and continue through Friday, June 28, 2024.

The amnesty period only applies to owner-occupied properties and has no effect on principal and interest owed, per IRS rules and regulations. Property owners also must pay the principal amount owed in full by June 28, 2024 to have penalties waived.

The following criteria also must be met:

  • The owner must not have had penalties waived within the past 10 years.
  • If liens exist on the property, the owner will be expected to pay the lien interest and court costs along with the principal amounts due for fire protection and refuse fees. Only penalties will be waived.
  • The property must not be under contract for sale during the amnesty period.

For more information about the amnesty period, contact Lauren Hollis by email at, by phone at 304-696-5540, extension 2307, or in person in Room 115 at City Hall, 800 5th Ave.

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