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Photo of Cabell County Public LibraryThe Cabell County Public Library sits on the southwestern corner of Ninth Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues. Our Library is the first in the state to initiate today's new technologies, for instance, a computerized circulation system, internet services for the public; and our library is the first in West Virginia to have their own Web Site. (Opens in a new window. Close window to return here.)
The Main Library downtown and its' branches are dedicated to showing our children how exciting and fun reading can be. The library's Summer Reading Program is "Rocket Into Reading." The program includes "Story Hours," movies, music, special events and activities which include science, cooking, writing workshops and more. Special quests add more fun and excitement for the children and their parents. Programs are developed for all age groups to match your child's age. Activities are also scheduled throughout the rest of the year. You may stop by for a schedule, call your local library or check your local newspaper for programs and activities in your area.

For all interested persons there is the Brown-Bag Book Club and the Friends of the Library Organization. The Brown-Bag Book Club is a book discussion group hosted at the library. For for dates, time, materials needed, or more about the book club, call Mary Lou Pratt at (304) 528-5700. The Friends of the Library Organization is a group of caring people, like you, that supports the library through book sales, luncheons with special quest appearances and membership fees. For reservations, tickets or more information about the Friends of the Library Organization, call Beulah Wise at (304) 528-5700.

The Cabell County Public Library is home for three of our community service organizations and their offices. The Tri-State Literacy Council, the Adult Learning Center and the Information and Referral Services, are located on the third floor of the library with the libraries administration offices. The literacy council has several programs available for all age groups and is dedicated to making reading an enjoyment for all citizens. You may contact them at the library's web site or call (304) 528-5700. The Adult Learning Center prepares individuals to take the GED test, thus opening the door for higher education, training programs or employment. Their contact number is (304) 528-5113. The Information and Referral Services links people needing help with bills, food, clothing, etc., to the appropriate organizations to help them. Call (304) 528-5660 to find out more information about this service.

If you are interested in any of the events or want to find out about future events, call (304) 528-5700, your local library, or see the Cabell County Public Library publication. For those interested in the discussion group, please call ahead, (304) 528-5700


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