2002 - Ground-breaking for Pullman Square.

2001 - Ground-breaking for Kinetic Park project.

1984 - Harris Riverfront Park is dedicated in hopes of helping area residents get reacquainted with the Ohio River.

1979 - Gannett Corp. merges the Afternoon Advertiser with the Herald-Dispatch.

1971 - Gannett Corp. buys the Herald-Dispatch .

1961 - Marshall College is officially designated a university and renamed Marshall University.

1960 - On May 6th, John F. Kennedy campaigns (by train) in Huntington and visits Jim's Spaghetti House (a local eating landmark).

1956 - Cabell-Huntington Hospital is opened.

1955 - The second TV station, WHTN - TV (now WOWK), is established.

1949 - The first TV station, WSAZ , is established.

1937 - In the midst of the Great Depression, Huntington is again flooded. It is called the "Great Flood of 1937" and spurred the construction of the current flood wall.

1928 - On May 8th, the Keith-Albee Theater opens.

1924 - St. Mary's Hospital opened

1913 - On September 11th, Ritter Park is officially opened.
- City of Huntington is flooded by the Ohio River again.

1911 - Guyandotte becomes part of Huntington.

1909 - C. L. Ritter donates more land for the above park and the park is named after him.
- The Herald and The Dispatch merge.
- Central City becomes part of Huntington.

1908 - A city park is established along Four
Pole Creek.

1904 - The Huntington Dispatch is started.

1902 - The Cabell County Public Library is opened, and was funded by Andrew Carnegie.

1901 - First long distance telephone service available.

1893 - Central City is incorporated.

1891 - Huntington gets telephone service.
- Central City (just west of Huntington) laid out and settled.

1890 - The Huntington Herald is started by G.A. Northcott and five other men.

1889 - The Advertiser is now published daily.
- First Huntington Independent School Board elected to manage the Huntington Independent School District. read more...

1887 - The first daily newspaper, The Evening Times , is established.
- Cabell County seat moved to Huntington.

1886 - First electric street lights.

1884 - Huntington experiences it's first serious flood.

1875 - The Independent merges with The Cabell Press (Guyandotte paper) and is called The Weekly Advertiser .

1873 - The first locomotive comes through the area. read more...

1872 - Another paper, The Commercial , is established.

1871 - On Feb. 27th, the West Virginia Legislature approved an act incorporating the City of Huntington.
- On Dec. 31st, Peter Cline Buffington (grandson of Thomas Buffington) is elected as the first mayor. read more...
- The first flatbed press comes to Huntington.
- A weekly paper, The Independent, is published.

1870-71 - City plan for Huntington laid out.

1869 - Collis P. Huntington buys the ailing C&O Railroad for $850,000 and surveys Holderby's Landing and the area just west of Guyandotte as the base for the C&O Railroad. read more...

1867 - State of West Virginia takes over operation of Marshall College.

1861 - In June, a landmark battle of the Civil War takes place in Guyandotte. This battle helps to spawn the new state of West Virginia. read more...

1858 - Virginia General Assembly makes Marshall Academy a college and changes the name to Marshall College.

1842 - Charles Dickens visits the United States and cruises down the Ohio River past the future site of Huntington, WV. read more...

1840's - Steamboats replace keel boats on the Ohio River.

1838 - Marshall Academy is incorporated as an academy.

1837 - Marshall Academy founded by John Laidley in honor of his friend, US Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Marshall.

1821 - James Holderby (1782-1855) purchased a farm between what is now 14th and 17th Streets on the eastern edge of Huntington.

1810 - The Virginia General Assembly granted an official charter to Guyandotte.

1809 - Cabell County is created.

1806 - First official settlement of Guyandotte; a small trading post was opened.

1775 - Guyandotte christened by surveyors.

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