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NOMINATIONS: The Neighborhood Institute of Huntington is accepting nominations for its annual citizen awards through May 30. Click for details.

ACTION PLAN. A draft of the Department of Development and Planning’s annual action plan is now online. Click here to see it.

POLICE CHIEF APPLICANTS. The City of Huntington is searching for a new police chief. The position requires an individual with an extensive background in law enforcement, demonstrated leadership and management ability. They also must have a proven track record of collaboration with community leaders and regional, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Click for details.

STANDARD AND POOR'S Ratings Services has upgraded the city’s credit rating by two slots, going from a triple B plus to an A rating. Read the report here.

GRANT FOR SKATE PARK. The Tony Hawk Foundation has approved a $5,000 grant application to use toward creation of a skate park. The grant, which requires a local funding match, will go toward Phase II of construction of the park at Harris Riverfront Park. Click to read more. ALSO, for an artist's rendering of the proposed park, click here.

DEPARTMENTAL REPORT. Read about the achievements made by the City of Huntington’s various departments and divisions in 2013 in this annual report.

NORTHCOTT COURT. The Huntington Housing Authority has received approval from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to demolish Northcott Court, triggering the Fairfield West Redevelopment Plan. Here’s more information about the plan and the projected timeline.

THE HUNTINGTON POLICE DEPARTMENT has released its Drug Enforcement Threat Assessment and Strategy report for 2014. Click here for more information.

CITY BEAT. Read the April edition of “City Beat,” the new residential newsletter prepared by the Office of Communications. Click here.

SMART GROWTH AMERICA has selected the City of Huntington as one of 18 communities nationwide to receive the organization’s 2014 free smart growth technical assistance program. Read more here.

Questions? Comments?

NEW Service Request Center! The City of Huntington has announced a new service request page to make it easier for you to let us know about areas that need our attention. To explore the new Service Request Center site, click here.

Budget & Highlights

City Releases FY 2013 CDBG, HOME & ESG Proposed Budget -- click here.

The city’s approved detailed 2013-14 budget is now online.

Municipal Service Fee: Fees are due approximately February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1 each year.

Refuse Fees: Fees are due approximately March 15, June 15, September 15 and December 15 each year.

City Service Fee Data Released, including a breakdown of the revenues and expenses for the current fiscal year. Click here.


The City of Huntington Department of Development and Planning has released the FY 2011 CAPER. For a complete copy of the document, click here.




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GARBAGE SCHEDULE: Here’s everything you need to know about which holidays will affect weekly household garbage pickup in the City of Huntington. Click here.

The Department of Development and Planning has released the draft copy of the FY 2012 CAPER. Click for details.

Huntington in Bloom. The judges may be gone, but Huntington in Bloom continues! Click Here to find out what you can do to make Huntington even more beautiful.

UW LogoHelping United Way! The City of Huntington is a proud supporter of the United Way. Click here to see how you can volunteer too!

Erosion and Sediment Control: The City of Huntington now requires an Erosion and Sediment Control Permit for all land disturbing activities. For more information, click here.

The Department of Development and Planning is currently accepting applications for FY 2014 Community Development Block Grant funding. For more information, click here.

The Cabell County Solid Waste Authority, in conjunction with the city of Huntington and Cabell County Commission, started a residential recycling drop-off program on Nov. 1, 2012. Click here for info about the program. Click here for acceptable materials that can be recycle.

Plan2025: The Future of Huntington staff members Plan2025are working with the Neighborhood Institute to develop a final timeline to visit the various neighborhoods to begin the planning process. Click for more information.

Huntington Police Department is now hiring new recruits. You can see details on qualifications as well as a detailed video about the department -- Click for details.

The city has released the latest TIF District Annual Reports for Kinetic Park.

The city has released the latest TIF District Annual Reports for the Downtown District.




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